Een nep Pinarello bestaat uit een zeer slechte kwaliteit Carbon met onderdelen die absoluut zeer gevaarlijk zijn om gebruik van te maken. Pinarello Italiƫ waarschuwt ook op hun site om absoluut geen Fake / Replica aan te schaffen en zij zullen zoveel mogelijk maatregelen treffen om de nep fietsen uit de handel te bannen.

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Dit kan er gebeuren met imitatie Pinarello!
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"We have analyzed several FALSE frames which have been confiscated via International Customs Authorities. These frames have been passed through the most elementary of resistance testing. The results showed worrying structural failures that can cause serious damage and / or death to the rider."



"The Pinarello Group would like to communicate to all of its customers that preventive measures and legal action have been undertaken in order to protect our trademarks, patents and goods worldwide. This move is to prevent the increasing instances of counterfeiting and the sale of non-original or fake products. Intellectual property is fundamental for our group and is guaranteed through the registration and maintenance of trademarks and patents around the world.

The Pinarello Group, from today, shall devote considerable time & effort in order to monitor the trafficking of counterfeit goods via the internet. The aim is to combat the growing phenomenon of fake products in the marketplace. At the same time, we shall also be sending a strong message to offenders by having their counterfeit Pinarello products removed from popular online auction and general websites.

We wish to inform our customers that all our products are sold exclusively via our official Pinarello Dealers and Points; you can find your closest dealer by visiting our official website . Our resellers are at your complete disposal and shall provide you with all the information required prior to the purchase of our products. We remind that our warranty and the after-sale services are only available upon the purchase of our genuine & original products."